30 Day Photo Challenge, Week 2

This week’s photo challenges were really fun, but a little more challenging to find creative subjects since I am 1.) no longer traveling, and 2.) back to work and busy life. Here goes!


Day 8:: A Bad Habit. As I looked at the list to see Day 8 to read “bad habit,” I took a drink of my Diet Coke w Lime and thought, this day’s going to be hard! I don’t have many bad habits…the irony! I’ve been experimenting with textures, if you can’t tell. Also, this was taken on our kitchen’s butcher block island, and you may notice that someone got a hold of the crayons when I wasn’t looking. Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser!

Day 9:: Someone I Love. Well my heart is tied, fifty-fifty, with my two girls. But I just love her squinty-eye smile! We thoroughly enjoyed a few days of warmer weather last week!

Day 10:: Childhood Memory. Candyland. Did you ever wonder why there was no candy in the box?

Day 11:: Something Blue. I’ve always wanted a little jewelry dish in my bathroom. I finally found the perfect one when we were in Santa Monica.

Day 12:: {after} sunset. Someone just turned three!

Day 13:: Yourself with 13 Things. This day was tricky. I”m pretty sure there are at least 13 things in this picture.

Day 14:: Eyes. I love a good picture with a strong focus on the eyes, yet not overly edited (I learned this the hard way).

‘Till next week!




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