Time For Something Different | 30 Day Photo Challenge, Week 1

I had the brilliant  idea this Christmas to start the new year with a new challenge – a 30 Day Photography Challenge! This is something that’s new to me I thought it would be fun to “exercise” my skills as a photographer, and just have fun with my camera (and Photoshop!).

You can follow my progress on my Pinterest board, or here on my website. {side note: are you new to Pinterest? It’s the greatest thing, you should Follow My Board! It’s basically a virtual “pinboard” where I find and collect a LOT of my creative inspiration.). We had the opportunity to travel quite a bit during the Christmas season, so I had some fun taking pictures outside of my usual suburb (Disney World and Hong Kong for those who are curious).




Day 1 :: Self-Portrait. This was challenging! Surprisingly, I don’t own a tripod and I have very few recent pictures of myself.


Day 2 :: What I Wore. My Mother’s Day present last year. If you haven’t tried a pair of Frye boots, I totally recommend them!

Day 3 :: Clouds. Okay, it was partly-cloudy. I am a huge fan of sun-flare (if you haven’t been able to tell).

Day 4 :: Something Green. This was my favorite day so far! I found so many “green” things to photograph, I had a hard time choosing which one to use! This is my youngest daughter, Clara. We took her to Disney world on her first birthday. I’m not in the habit of giving my one-year-old candy, but my what you’ll do to get a napless baby to be quite. 🙂 Don’t you just love her front teeth? She now has approximately 5.5.

Day 5 :: From A High Angle. Yes, we took our kids on a 7am fight in their ‘jammies. If you look closely, you can see Clara’s head at the bottom (I guess I have to admit I also let my kids crawl around on the icky airport carpet!).

Day 6 :: From a Low Angle. Enter Hong Kong, if you can’t tell. This city was absolutely amazing. I love the chaos of the random street. You would never guess there are about four Louis Vuitton stores within a few blocks of this street!

Day 7 :: Fruit. This was a fun one.  This is from the fruit bowl we got in our welcome basket at the hotel. The top was a clementine (duh) and the bottom was something new to me – tasted like an apple, had the texture of a pear. Not sure what that one’s called!


Thanks for taking the time to read this! Interested in photography and would like to join me on this endeavor?  Leave a comment- I would love to see what you come up with!

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