Emily is Six Months! | Minneapolis Baby’s First Year Photographer

It’s no secret…six months is one of my favorite ages to photograph! I have been blessed with LOTS of six-month sessions lately, and will try to post all of the sessions in the next day or two!

If you are considering getting professional pictures done of your baby and he/she is near six months, I would definitely suggest setting up a session. Six months is such a great age for pictures for many reasons ~ babies are sitting up on their own, are almost always super smiley, and they can’t quite crawl yet so they have no choice but to sit there and smile away. 🙂 I also suggest booking a six-month session closer to 6 1/2 months because that is really when most babies are sitting up complete unsupported.

Here’s Emily – I think she could be a baby model. I just love her big smile, cute cheeks, and large brown eyes. Enjoy!

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