Minneapolis Extended Family Session

This past year I’ve gotten quite a few requests to do extended family sessions. I know many photographers are not interested in this type of session because it involves shooting a large group of people and can be a bit stressful. 🙂 However, I have come to really enjoy this type of shoot. I love seeing the whole family together and how they interact, I love getting to meet all their kids, and grandkids, and the parents that started it all. Family is a huge part of my life, and I believe a good family photo is a great investment and will be cherished for years and years and years.

So how my extended family sessions go down…to start I do the large group shot. This usually includes the grandparents, all of their children, and of course the grandchildren. I like hree different poses (standing, sitting, etc.) with the whole group, then I like to shoot each individual family, the grandparents with their grandkids, and any other combination that the family requests.

It’s actually a pretty fun time, I suggest all going out to ice cream afterwards! 🙂


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