Newborn Session: Before and After

before and after newbornI thought it might be interesting to share a little behind-the-scenes of what exactly goes into my newborn editing process!

On the left is an example of the before shot of a newborn I recently had at my studio: it is straight out of  camera, before any editing has taken place. The exposure looks good, but the skin tone has a blueish hue, there are imperfections in the skin (as just about all newborns have), and lots of red spots in his skin as well.

Next is the after shot! This includes color-correcting and a bit of brightening which I do in Lightroom. Then I open the image in Photoshop and add skin smoothing and retouching, sharpening, and some extra skintone corrections and color adjustments.

One of the most difficult parts of newborn photographer is nailing the skin tone. Most newborns have baby acne, dry skin, sometimes jaundice, and almost always red spots. To see the before and after side-by-side is pretty amazing!

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