Meet Harriette

They prettiest baby, the cutest family, this newborn session was such a JOY to photograph! Harriette is welcome by her two big brothers. They came to my studio in Apple Valley, MN last week for their newborn pictures. I just LOVE the family pictures and sibling pictures too. Congrats to the Thurling family!PBN-01PBN-02PBN-03PBN-04PBN-05PBN-06PBN-07PBN-08PBN-10PBN-11PBN-13PBN-16PBN-18PBN-19PBN-20PBN-21PBN-23PBN-26PBN-27PBN-28PBN-29PBN-30PBN-31PBN-32PBN-33PBN-34PBN-36PBN-37PBN-38PBN-41PBN-43PBN-47PBN-48

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