Sleepy Baby: 3 Tips For Newborn Session

Hudson was such a little stud at his newborn session! Hey was super cooperative and sleepy, which is the BEST! I thought I would write a post on three things that parents can do to ensure a sleepy baby at the newborn session. Tip #1: Keep baby awake for at least 1-2 hours before the session. This is not always the easiest task when dealing with newborns, but is incredibly important in getting those sleepy baby shots! If baby resists and those eyes close, the best way to keep him or her awake? Give baby a bath. Tip #2: Make sure baby is SUPER well-fed immediately before the session. This is incredibly important, please don’t skimp on this one. Whether breast-fed or bottle-fed, feed baby as much as he or she will each so his or her tummy is super full. Baby will then sleep like a charm! Tip #3: Dress baby in a button-up outfit. Nothing is worse than arriving at a newborn session with a sleepy baby, and the minute he or she is undressed, baby is awake. I have found if parents can dress baby in a button-up onesie (as opposed to over-the-head onesie), this helps a lot in keeping baby sleeping. 

Hopefully you have found these tips helpful! When you book a newborn session with me, I will send over my Newborn Session Guide, which has more details on these tips, and a few other tricks I have learned to help keep baby sleepy and happy during the newborn session. 

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