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Anna and I had so much fun at her senior shoot! She is a super sweet, awesome tennis star from Eagan High School in the Class of 2018. Anna choose the Lavish session which includes both hair and makeup, and an evening/sunset session (my favorite light)! Anna was hoping for pictures with great lighting and a natural look that captured her personality. I think we nailed it! Get to know Anna and her thoughts about senior pictures at the bottom of this post!

Q: What high school do you attend?
A: Eagan High School

Q: Do you have college plans? If so, what are they?
A: I will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College next year to become an Elementary School Teacher. I also plan to play tennis in college.

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
A: I play tennis, am a member of the NHS, volunteer coach a youth hockey team and volunteer teach 5th graders at Red Pine Elementary School.

Q: How was your senior portrait experience?
A: My experience was wonderful. The pictures turned out amazing and were very fun to take.

Q: What sort of style were you going for in your senior pictures? Was this accomplished?
A: I wanted my pictures to be natural with bright lighting and outdoors. The look that I was seeking was reached and exceeded my expectations.

Q: Why did you choose Photography by Nealy for your senior portraits?
A: I had heard great things about her work and loved how her pictures seemed to capture people’s personalities.

Q: What advice would you give someone about planning outfits for their senior pictures?
A: I think that you should wear clothes that show your personality and that you are comfortable wearing. What I believe works best for girls, if you’re comfortable wearing, is one outfit with a dress, one with shorts and a nice shirt, and one with jeans and a nice shirt. For guys, I would recommend one casual outfit with jeans and a nice shirt and another with nicer dress pants and a different shirt. For everyone, I believe that if you have anything, such as a letter jacket or sports jerseys, etc. you should have at least one picture with it. It’s fun to have to remember High School even if you don’t use it in your yearbook.

Q: Do you have any shopping advice? Please share where you purchased the main pieces you wore in your pictures.
A: I recommend purchasing clothes from stores that you enjoy shopping in and have clothes that show your personality. I got all of my clothes from American Eagle, except for my dress, which was from Ralph Lauren.

Q: What ended up being your favorite outfit, and why?
A: My favorite outfit was my dress. This was because the pattern on it made it so that from different angles it looked like a different dress.

Q: Any tips for how to prepare for senior pictures?
A: I would recommend buying clothes and taking pictures from places that show your personality.

Q: Is there anything you would do differently, if you could do it all again?
A: I wouldn’t change anything about how I took my senior pictures.

Q: What was your favorite part of working with Nealy?
A: my favorite part about working with Nealy was how easy she made the process. The survey given was easy to follow and ended with great locations. She also helped me with my poses. Along with this, my package included a hair and makeup artist, both of which were great. Lastly, she had waters for my mom and I and a present for me. She seemed more involved with me, rather than my money.

My favorite celebrity is Jennifer Lawrence.
My favorite restaurant is Kyoto.
My favorite drink is watermelon bai and favorite food is spaghetti.
I love to shop at American Eagle.
Senior year has been amazing!


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